The Real Deal on Post Workout Supplementation

superfood supplement powder

Its pretty common for me to get questions about the best kind of post-workout supplementation so I decided to discuss here in my blog. While the truth is “the best” will be different for many people depending on their goals- there are some universal rules which apply to all. When I look at what’s best for…

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Gluten Free Chocolate & PB Protein Cake…. Have your Cake and EAT IT

Protein Cake :)

If you’re trying to lose body fat and tone up, I would bet you are following a strict clean eating program, eating the same typical staples daily;  such as protein, veggies, carbs, and healthy fats. This can get BORING, fast. So, why not switch it up and make a treat which satisfies your taste buds while…

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Take Action on Your Goals.. Top 5 Tips to Turn Thinking into Doing

new years

    With it being New Year’s Day, I figured this was a perfect time to write about getting a plan in place to turn your resolutions and goals into reality. I’m sure most of you reading this can relate.  There is that “thing” you know you should be doing or really want to do,…

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Clean Never Tasted So Dirty….Paleo Approved Chocolate Mousse!


I came across this recipe and I knew immediately the kids would love it! I cannot have any right now (BOO!) but I did have a tiny taste and its delicious!! The best part, it literally takes les than 3 minutes to make! INGREDIENTS: 1 ripe avocado 2 ripe bananas 2 Tbs organic cocoa powder…

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This Convenient “healthy” Snack Could Be Keping You From Losing Fat

Get out form behind bars

Want to start finally losing body fat and see all of your hard work at the gym pay off? Then stop eating bars…. I feel like everywhere I go I am surrounded by delicious and convenient health food bars. From raw bars, to protein bars, energy bars, fiber bars.. you name it, they make it;…

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The Biggest Mistake Women Make In The Gym

When it comes to working out and truly transforming your body, you have to understand this one simple truth: YOU MUST LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS Now that we have cleared this up, I want to talk about the biggest mistake women make in the gym…. lifting light weights or, worse, no weight at all. It blows…

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