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Team Bikini Boss Chicks

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Do you have what it takes to compete with one of the best teams in the country?

Coached by Theresa Depasquale, Team Bikini Boss Chicks is an affiliate Total Body Advantage team, owned by the renowned coaches Doug Casebier and Karen Dancer.

If you want to take your physique to the next level and make your presence known on the stage, contact us today for more info on package pricing and details!

Our team does NOT take part in any crash dieting, extreme workouts or recommend any dangerous metabolic stimulants to get you in shape. Instead, our coaches work to sculpt your body and reset your metabolic hormones by a specific methodology of eating and training to prime your metabolism and have you building lean muscle and burning fat in the safest way possible.

Join our team today!

With online training, you can be part of our team no matter where you live! You will get all of the tools and guidance necessary to blast through your goals and have the best stage experience ever!


Bikini Boss Chicks Online Training:
• Is totally flexible with your schedule
• Gives you accountability to your goals
• Has the camaraderie of a big team
• Gives you the guidance necessary to become successful in the completive fitness world
• Gives you all the customized diets and work outs based off of YOUR goals and desires
• And is a fraction of the price as conventional personal training

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  • Customized Meal Plans

    Our meal plans are designed for the exact nutrients YOUR body needs to make serious changes

  • Custom Work Out Plans

    Our workout plans are designed to take you through the proper muscular adaptation phases to sculpt your body

  • Exercise Videos

    Never question an exercise, our videos show you the proper moves for every one of your plans

  • 48 HR Email Response

    We hold you accountable for your goals so you can reach them easier.

  • Bi Weekly Team Work Out

    If you are local, Join us for a team workout session

  • Choose The Best Show

    Shine like a diamond during the show that fits your goals

  • Beauty Consulting

    We help you choose hair, makeup, style, and outfits

  • Event Coordinating

    Schedule for shows, hotels, tanning, hair and makeup

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