Discover the proven strategies used by busy women everywhere to shed fat, sculpt toned muscle, and increase your energy so you can look and feel amazing in just 28 days.

(all without starving yourself or spending hours at the gym!)

Allie Cass
Fitness Athlete

Does this sound familiar?

  •  You’ve tried all of the latest diets only to be left feeling deprived, exhausted, and still not seeing the results you desire

  • You spend hours searching Pinterest, Instagram, and Google for the “best exercises for fat loss” or “foods to help you burn fat”

  • You can’t seem to lose the stubborn weight no matter how hard you seem to try

  • You feel tired and defeated in your weight loss journey, yet there’s still a sliver of hope that you’ll stumble upon that “one thing” that will change everything

  • You want to finally feel confident, powerful, and sexy in your own skin

  • You dread the thought of being photographed with friends and family 

  • You desperately want to take back control of your body and stop obsessing over food, dieting, and weight loss FOR GOOD!

And the worst part is…


That little voice in your head may even sometimes whisper this lie, “I’m a failure and will always be this way. I can’t believe you let yourself go and I don’t know how you let it get so far.”


That exact mindset may be keeping you stuck in the same destructive patterns of self-sabotage and preventing you from consistently making the necessary changes to transform the way you look and feel. 


Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve tried everything… What makes this different?”


Take a deep breath. What you’re about to learn will change your life…

your instructor

Meet Allie Cass

Hi, I’m Allie! I teach women how to use food, exercise, and supplements to speed up their metabolism and strengthen their Mental Fitness™️ so they can overcome their individual challenges and finally achieve the dream body and life they desire.

I know what it’s like to feel unhealthy and unhappy with my body… and what it’s like to lack the energy and confidence to reach my full potential.

I used to constantly look at other women with envy and think, “Why not me?!”

I also know what it’s like to be full of energy, to look and feel amazing, and to function at my highest levels, and that is exactly what I am going to teach you in this 28-day program.

You CAN look in the mirror and see a body you love.

You CAN feel confident and comfortable in a bikini.

And most importantly, you CAN be proud of yourself for choosing to live a lifestyle that gives you health, energy, and vitality to be able to do the things you love and conquer your goals.

I know you CAN because I was just like you. I’ve done it myself and with all of my clients… And I’m going to give you the exact tools and road map so you, too, can be successful!

To Your Health and Fitness!


In my 28 Day Shred Program you’ll get access to:

  • Detailed weekly workouts with demo videos
  • Semi-customized macro meal plans
  • Food guidelines & supplement recommendations
  • Access to private group coached by Allie
  • Interact with other members in the Facebook group

& here’s what you can expect:


My 4 step Mental Fitness Process will help you conquer the biggest obstacle standing in the way of real results- your mindset.


Unlike many other fitness programs, we will be fueling your body with the right foods to make you look and FEEL amazing.


My 28 Day Shred is designed to use specific training techniques and nutrition to ignite your fat-burning hormones.


There’s no need to spend hours in the gym. My 28 Day shred is designed for you to work smarter, not harder, and will have you torching fat in less than 3 hours per week!


Meet a few of our Bikini Bosses…

Training with Bikini Boss Fitness has been nothing less than life-changing. After having 2 babies via c-section I thought I would have to have surgery to remove my excess weight. Thanks to Bikini Boss Fitness I have lost all my weight and then some! I’ll be 30 this year and I’m in the best shape of my life! So happy I made this decision!!

Christine M Bikini testimonial

Christine M

This year I made the choice to take my fitness goals to the next level and I’m so glad I did. I was always too scared or thought there’s no way I could ever do a fitness show but with Bikini Boss coaching, support, and knowledge as well as being a part of the Bikini Boss Fitness Family for over a few months now I truly feel my self-confidence has grown being surrounded with such a positive team for support and motivation.

Laurie bikini boss testimonial


I tried a few programs in the past that didn’t work but Bikini Boss Fitness customized programs, along with their no – non sense approach gave me the tools and education I needed to make serious change.

Abby Bikini Boss


the proof is in

Our Community Results

Our signature 3 step process makes transforming your body and life simple and sustainable so that your results can last a lifetime!

Our strategy is specifically designed to work with your physiology instead of against it to ignite your metabolism, sculpt lean muscle, and shed stubborn fat. 

Wave goodbye to restrictive diets, starvation, hours of cardio, or common methods that actually wreck your metabolism and wreak havoc on your hormones in the process. We focus on using food, exercise, targeted supplementation, and mental fitness to build a strong foundation of metabolic health, so your body runs like a well oiled machine.

With the 28 Day Shred, your metabolism will be ignited, so you’ll start burning fat and building the body you’ve always wanted!

For only $1 dollar per day you can join our community of women and finally feel…


Uplifted, empowered, and motivated.


Healthy and ready to tackle your fitness goals with newfound energy.


Confident, happy, and ready to live your best life!

The Time To Start Your Transformation is Now!

Are you finally ready to change your life?! It’s time to relearn how to eat, workout, and love your body! The path to becoming confident, healthy, and comfortable in your skin is only one click away. We can’t wait to have you as a part of our amazing & supportive community of women!

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