7 Day Strong & Sexy
Day 6

Keys to Success: Lateral Abductor Walk

Keys to Success: Sumo Squats

Keys to Success: Calf Raises

Keys to Success: Side Plank

Keys to Success: Banana Rocks

Keys to Success: Physio Ball Hamstring Curl

Keys to Success: Glute Kickbacks

Bonus Challenge: Get Outdoors!

This is a simple habit, right? Not only does vitamin D from sunlight increase bone health, strengthen the immune system, and reduce inflammation, but research shows that spending time in nature helps lower anxiety and stress levels, can improve gut microbiome, and increase production of NK (natural killer) cells. This might mean walking your dog or enjoying your lunch outside each day while you are at work. Play with your kids outside and go for a hike on the weekends. Do whatever it takes to get in more fresh air and sunshine. Spend 20-30 minutes outdoors today, and consider taking your workout outdoors to kill two birds with one stone… figuratively speaking of course!    

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