Join our 90 Day Transformation Program and get all the tools, support and motivation you need to transform your body. This program is great for all fitness levels and can be adapted for home or gym. This online training program is designed to empower you to LEARN all about the different aspects of your health and fitness so you can finally change your lifestyle and physique FOR GOOD!

No more stressing about workouts.  Easy to follow plans make your life simple.

Learn tons of important health and nutrition information weekly which will change your thinking and your body!

Watch our demo videos to see all the exercises for each workout plan.

Become part of our fun and engaging online community.

Monthly macro plans will help you get the most out of your workouts.

Join our quarterly challenge contest!

Learn how to use food to ignite your body’s fat burning potential!

Get tons of motivation and support from your new Bikini Boss Fitness Community! 

Check out some of our Amazing Success Stories!

Become A Stronger, Healthier You In 90 Days!

— Frequently Asked Questions —
Nope! Once you purchase the 90 day you have access forever, it doesn’t expire! This way you can always go back and restart at any time.
There are two programs with each phase: Beginner- intermediate is designed for home or gym and Intermediate- advanced is geared more to the gym.
This program is designed for all fitness levels from beginner to advance. If you start as a beginner, you can move up to the advanced when you’re ready!
The meal plans are macro-nutrient plans based on the phase you’re in and also your height.
All phases have a 5 day workout plan. The workouts take approximately 60-90 min max, this includes any recommended cardio.
You will have the freedom to choose the foods you prefer most out of our food guidelines, as long as you hit your macro- nutrient totals for that meal. This gives you the flexibility to work around allergies, preferences or special circumstances.
Yes, we are able to get such great results, because our program is very precise. We write the diet for the workouts we provide in order to get you the best fat burning and muscle building results!

As a busy single mother working two jobs the first thing that gets put to the side is myself. I needed to take my life back and the 90 day challenge did just that. It’s empowering to be able to learn how to change your lifestyle and make yourself healthier. The tools that Theresa gives you will help you attain long term success and a rocking body- this isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle. In 3 short months you are starting a lifetime of change. The support from the other challenge members is motivating and their success is inspiring. Everyone pushes and supports each other. Don’t put yourself on the back burner any longer; take back your health, your family and body will thank you!

~ Elizabeth
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