A (Fit) Girls Guide to Surviving Spring Break

SpringBreakYes, we fit girls like to lift weights and eat clean but I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for the majority when I say – THAT DOESN’T MEAN WE DON’T LIKE TO PARTY, TOO! Being a Florida native, when bikini season comes around, I am a happy camper… That is if I’m ready for it, of course! I Love lounging by the pool drinking mojitos, playing on the beach with my kids or paddle boarding with friends. What I don’t love however, are the sunburns, the hangovers or worst of all- not feeling confident in my own skin! So, since this is kinda my area of expertise, I’m going to share with you some of my go- to tips for looking amazing, feeling amazing and making it through Spring Break 2016 in one piece (or more like a two piece that is ;))

BRACE YOURSELF! This is a long ass blog ? but I promise it’s worth the read.

Getting your ass beach ready- literally

Walk the isles of any super market check-out lane this time of year and you’re guaranteed to see headline after headline of the latest and greatest “ flat belly diet” or “ bikini body diet”. The reality? Diets don’t work! If you follow me on social or subscribe to this blog then you know it’s about consistent training and proper diet NOT starving yourself. In fact, the only thing starving yourself will get you is a flat ass and saggy skin…Not a good look in a bikini! So what all does a girl need to do to look smoking hot in her bikini? The real answer ( all though you may not want to hear it) is simple: get your ass to the gym, lift some heavy weights and eat a diet equipped with nutritious whole foods in the amounts necessary to fuel your body.  For some of you, this is no sweat off of your back; you’ve already been working on this. If this is the case for you- nice work! For others, you may be freaking out wondering what to do or where to start first. If you fall into the latter category, don’t fret. The great news is, even though you’re a little behind, as a beginner you will respond much faster to starting a proper program than an experienced lifter would. You just need to start!

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Regardless of which category you fall in, there are a few universal tricks that will help take away the bloat and keep you looking nice and toned in your bikini.

The best part is, these are super easy, FREE and fast- acting, too! A few days following these guidelines and you’ll feel like you lost 10 lbs. Don’t believe me? Just watch 😉

  1. Eliminate dairy. Yes, although dairy is pitched to be super healthy and nutritious, it is actually highly inflammatory and can cause massive bloating. On top of the fact that we are the only species who drinks another species milk, research has shown up to 50% of people are not genetically equipped to digest dairy; some races are even higher numbers. But what about calcium? That’s what you were thinking, right? We get plenty of calcium from the veggies we eat so no need to stress about that, I promise. If you need a milk substitute- try unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk. Both are available at most grocery stores and tastes great.
  2. Eliminate Gluten and minimize grains. Although the diet industry has turned it into a fad, I’m recommending you go gluten free for a different reason. Gluten is a highly inflammatory protein found in wheat and some grains which the majority of the population has a hard time digesting. Because of its inflammatory characteristics, when eaten can cause digestive disturbances, irritable bowel and leaky gut just to name a few. These thigs are obviously not good for your health but also terrible for your waist line. The inflammation created can cause massive bloating, gas and slow down your metabolism. Ever wonder why when you eat certain foods you suddenly look 6 months pregnant? Gluten is most likely the culprit. One of the first things we coach girls on eliminating gluten from their diets and the results are nothing short of amazing- and fast! Get rid of the grains and watch your body tighten up fast.
  1. Chug that shit! Water is your best friend when it comes to keeping the bloat away. Most people think drinking water will make them bloated but conversely, NOT drinking it will make your body retain water. Sounds crazy I know but our body has these weird mechanisms to make sure we can survive so if it thinks it’s not going to get more it will make sure to hold on to what it has. A gallon a day is a good rule for most people.

vodkaThe Too- Much- Fun Cure-all

Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt. Yes, we fit girls like to have a drink (or two or three) once in a while too! Although I am not Jesus, I have some pretty handy tricks up my sleeve which I find work wonders to reduce the symptoms of a hangover and help you to recover much faster, metabolically.


  1. DRINK WATER BETWEEN DRINKS. The number one cause of horrific hangovers is dehydration. Try to drink water between every few drinks- especially if you’re outside in the sun. 
  2. REMEDY. Another reason we get terrible hangovers is because we deplete essential nutrients used to detox the alcohol from our bodies. Taking a supplement like 1stphorms REMEDY will greatly decrease your chances of a hangover.

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  1. Just like your mom told you to do, take an ADVIL before you pass out. I don’t know the science behind it, but shit works.. trust me.


  1. Take an OMEGA 3 supplement like 1stPhorm FULL MEGA. Our body uses a lot of our fatty acids to break down the alcohol in our system which is why most people crave fatty, greasy foods the next day. Taking an omega supplement will help combat some of this.
  2. SWEAT IT OUT.  Run, workout, sit in a sauna or do yoga. Sweating will help release some of the excess toxins and make you feel better and fast.
  3. HYDRATE. Chug some more. Water is your BFF when it comes to hangovers. Even if you don’t feel like it- make yourself. You’ll thank me later


girls guide to SB5Fit girls are typically driven, goal oriented people so it’s sometimes hard to relax and take a break. Try to be present and enjoy your surroundings. Don’t stress about the gym or missing a meal. Just do your best to make good choices and when you don’t- enjoy that shit! Indulging and then killing yourself over it defeats the whole purpose. You are not going to be perfect 100% so don’t expect yourself to be. You need to have balance and a life! Don’t be so caught up in your fitness that you become miserable and miss everything going on around you. I’ve been that person before.. trust me, its no fun! The gym will always be there when you get back.

Life is good, enjoy that shit

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