Hello and thanks for visting my site today! I am Bikni Boss Fitness owner, Theresa Depasquale, and im excited youre interested in learning about the most effective and health oriented online training program on the market! Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of clients lose stubborn body fat and build their dream bodies but I HATED having to charge $850 a month because I had to turn away so many women who couldnt afford it. I’ve decided to take my programs and expertise online so I can help more women at a better- budget friendly price.

No more dieting

Eat and train like an athlete with our specific methodology of training and nutrition designed boost your fat burning hormones and supercharge your metabolism.

Flexible meal plans

More than fish and asparagus, you can eat the foods you prefer most with our flexible nutrition guidelines and customizable macronutrient meal plans.

Reasonable Workouts.

No need to live in the gym, our workout programs are designed to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time possible and we do NOT require hours of cardio.

Over the last few years my online training has become so popular I’ve had to turn away numerous clients to keep it at the quality of coaching I demand for my clients.

I have always been about quality over quantity so its something I will not budge on. To compensate for this issue, I decided to bring on a team of qualified coaches to work with me and the BBC team. All of the Bikini Boss Chicks coaches are not only extremely qualified and well known in the fitness industry, but they have spent the last year working with me to closely learn our methods and have actually been through our program themselves!

Detailed plans

Our extremely detailed workout plan will give you your day-by-day workout plan, demo videos and notes.

Flexible training

Never be charged for a missed training session again! Our Online training is flexible to your schedule and needs.

Connect with friends!

All Lifestyle online training clients become part of the Bikini Boss Chicks family and have access to all updates, apparel, and team events nationwide.

Members Forum

Ask questions, watch program videos, share recipes and connect with other BikiniBossChicks in our online membership area.

Minimal Cardio

No two-a-day cardio sessions… We believe cardio should be used sparingly and strategically to work with your metabolism and not against it.

I can take up to 15 clients max myself. I currently have 6 spots left.

Read how our online training program helped this full time teacher and busy mom of 3 get in the best shape of her life…all while studying for her PHD!

Online Training is great for people who:

  • Have a busy schedule
  • Need guidance and accountability
  • Want to work with a personal trainer but need a better budget friendly option
  • Want the camaraderie of training with a group
  • Want to get the best body of their life!

Meet your new coach

My unique approach nutrition has been remarkably successful because there are no restrictive meal plans or annoying calorie counting diets to follow. Instead, I have developed customizable nutritional guidelines based off of macronutrient formulated meal plans which gives our clients ideal dietary requirements for their individual goals while allowing them the freedom to choose the foods they prefer most….and trust me when I tell you our girls eat A LOT!

In addition to customized work out and nutrition plans, I pride myself on making sure my clients have all the tools necessary to be successful. Our online program includes daily email responses, monthly conference calls and online group membership forums where clients can post any questions they have and get the camaraderie and support of fellow Bikini Boss Clients.

Meet Theresa Depasquale

I am Theresa Depesquale, a WBFF PRO Bikini Athlete, Fitness and Nutrition Coach and mother of two beautiful children. I have knowledge and experience in all aspects of fitness but my passion and specialty lie in accelerated fat loss and physique transformations. I’ve helped even the toughest clients get unbelievable results!