Lose fat by eating doughnuts?

image1There is so much noise on the Internet about nutritional protocols and fads, unless it’s your full-time job to research and investigate ( ??) it’s hard to know who or what to believe.

The second part of this problem is that even those who have moderate knowledge about nutritional protocols, typically don’t have a depth of knowledge about things like cellular biology, Epi- genetics and how WHAT we eat affects both in a HUGE way.

How much we eat contributes to how we look; how much and what TYPE of foods we eat contributes to how we look AND function- both. You may not care about how you function now, but I promise you will when you start to develop nasty health issues; and with a diet full of processed, nutrient devoid foods it’s inevitable.

As I mentioned in previous posts, when it comes to the best diet, it should be one which promotes fat loss AND health. The two should never be mutually exclusive.

So when we discuss diet trends like IIFYM which promote eating whatever you want if it fits in your macros – Yes, it will get you aesthetic results … But at the expense of your overall health and well- being.

At the end of the day, what matters most for aesthetic results is your calories and macro ratios. What matters most for your health, however, is the QUALITY of foods you consume.

Our bodies utilize 30+ different micro- nutrients to effectively run our metabolism so eating foods completely void of these nutrients ( such as pop tarts and doughnuts ) all day long is a recipe for disaster. In addition, processed foods cause tons of inflammation which are not only terrible for your metabolism but is a sure fire way to develop chronic illness.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the skyrocketing numbers of diabetes, arthritis, depression and ADD to name a few … And yes, they are all food related illnesses.


Food can be medicine or poison.

Am I saying to never eat a doughnut again? No.

A treat every once in a while won’t kill you.

Eating this shit every day will… Slowly.

Be careful who and what advice you listen to. Read a book, do your research… Just don’t take your health lightly.

You’re either giving your body what it needs to function optimally or you’re creating a metabolic shit storm. Your choice.

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