Metabolism Makeover e-Book


One of the most common phrases I hear from women is, “I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight, but now my metabolism is slower and I can’t eat what I used to without gaining weight”. However, did you know that this doesn’t have be to the case and in reality you have complete control over your metabolic health?

In this e-Book you will find:

  • Everything you need to know about your metabolism and WHY you think you can’t eat the foods you used to without gaining weight
  • An interactive Metabolic Health Quiz to gauge your starting point and if your metabolism truly needs a little TLC
  • How to give your metabolism a complete makeover and maximize your effort using our pyramid of metabolic health: nutrition & supplementation, resistance training, and sleep & recovery
  • An entire section on metabolic strategy and implementation including nutrition and supplement recommendations, and food swaps so making changes doesn’t feel so overwhelming
  • 30 Day Resistance Training Plan designed to ignite your metabolism and get your body prepped for burning fat and building muscle
  • Our 4-Day Metabolic Makeover Meal Plan including shopping lists and daily recipes