Squat Booty Secrets


Transform Your Booty in 10 Weeks or Less

If you’ve ever wondered how most fitness models and athletes have such amazing derrieres, it’s not because they were born that way. See, these women have learned how to effectively train and sculpt their glutes to take them from Ehh to Ahhh, and I have all of their secrets and training strategies put together for you in a ridiculously effective 10 Week Workout Program. I have actually gone through this transformation myself, and I could not believe how simple it was!

You don’t need silly butt implants

It’s all about training the glutes in a specific fashion to lift and shape the muscles to look nice and round. So stop guessing! My program gives you exactly what to do and how to do it. Transform your booty into a glute masterpiece. The best part? This program is designed to be an entire lower body work out plan, so you will be shaping up not just your booty, but your legs too!

Your Step-by-Step Exercise Plan

Meal plans are designed for the exact nutrients your body needs to make serious changes  Never question an exercise. Videos show you the proper form for every one of your workouts services004 We hold you accountable for your goals so you can reach them easier exercise004Workout plans designed to take you through the proper muscular adaption to sculpt your body
If you are local, join us for a team workout session Shine like a diamond during the show that fits your goals We help you choose hair, makeup, style, and outfits Schedule for shoes, hotels, tanning, hair and makeup