Surviving Summer vacation (Tips)

Here you are, kicking butt on your program; finally starting to see some progress you can feel good about when BAM! The reality that you leave for summer vacation in a week smacks you right in the face! What will you do for food? How will you get your workouts in? And the alcohol! It’s going to be impossible to stay on track

So you think, anyway…

Although “losing weight” may be unrealistic on vacation, there are a lot of things you can do which will at the very least help you maintain your progress so you can hit the ground running when you return home. 

 My top tips on surviving your summer vacation…

The first thing you need to do is get into the right mindsetOf course, you’re probably not going to lose weight on vacation but that doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel and do nothing !

Instead, choose to be consistent

Consistency means allowing yourself time to enjoy, relax and not feel guilty about it.

It also means committing to do SOMETHING rather than nothing for your health each day

For example , your normal exercise program may be in a gym doing multiple sets for 40-60 minutes..

Instead, choose some exercises you can do in your hotel room or gym that require very minimal equipment!

Some of my favorite exercises you can do from anywhere are… 

  • Plank exercises
  • Band exercises
  • Air squats 
  • Plyometrics 

I also do my super quick workouts on PlankkStudio which are all designed to be higher intensity, fat burning workouts and require very minimal equipment. This app is my life-savor when I travel and I highly recommend when you’re on-the-go or don’t have a lot of time. My favorites are the 15 minute IGNITE workout and ‘We be Ballin” which only requires one medi- ball… you will be drenched in no time!

Next comes the harder part…your nutrition

As we know, carbs and fats are easily accessible everywhere we go; its typically a quality protein that’s the hardest to find..  (which happens to be the most important)

That’s why I always bring a shaker cup stuffed with individual portions of protein so I can have one in the room in the morning or bring on the go. My favorite is the Goliath NutriPower Recovery Grass-Fed Whey, but you can use any just make sure it has a full amino acid profile and isn’t filled with artificial ingredients. 

I also bring healthy portable snacks in my bag in case I get hungry in between and can’t find any good options. 

Some ideas are:

    • Beef Jerky (gluten free and NO MSG) 
    • Nuts 
    • Nut butter packs 
    • Dried fruit bars ( watch the sugar!)
    • Gluten free crackers 

If you’re like me, you’ll probably be eating out a lot, too but there are plenty of ways to navigate this situation and still enjoy an amazing meal.

Here are a few of my common tactics when ordering out

    • Order salads with lean protein. I ask them to hold the cheese and use oil and vinegar instead of the typical sugary salad dressings most restaurants use ( which are usually made with soy oil, too!)
    • Ask for dishes with sauce on the side 
    • Load up on a side salad or veggies instead of fries or pasta
    • Ask them not to bring bread to the table.. if it’s there- you will eat it!

And lastly, Don’t forget your supplements!

One of the most common questions I get is how I avoid bloating on vacation and if you follow me on Instagram stories, you know I take a TON of supplements and antioxidants when I travel. 

My current staple is the new opti-reds powder from 1st Phorm. It mixes great in anything and is packed with mega-doses of antioxidants that will help fight inflammation in the body and keep bloating at bay. In addition, the antioxidant support will help keep your immune system strong so you don’t get sick. 

Check out my latest news segment where I discuss this topic!

How to Stay Fit on the Road During Your Summer Vacation

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