5 Beginner Fitness Mistakes

The 5 Biggest Fitness Mistakes Beginners Make

If you’re a beginner, be sure not to comit these 5 deadly fitness sins!

Resolution season is in full swing and I LOVE seeing the gym full and people making the time to put their health and fitness as a priority. If you’re a newbie or someone starting back after a long break, here are a few tips to make sure you not only get the most from your workouts, but that you also avoid injuries that can sideline you, too.

  1. Safety before ego. Sure it may be fun and seem badass to lift a shit ton of weight but if your body is not conditioned or prepared to do so, you are asking for injuries. Just like you have to learn the alphabet before you can read, you want to start with the basics first , like balance and stability work , activation exercises and endurance.. and once you feel stronger and more stable THEN you should add heavier weight. You shouldn’t be carrying 50 Lb dumbbells in a walking lunge if every time you go to step you’re wobbling all over or hunched over trying to stabilize the weight.
  2. Don’t skip the warm up. No I’m not talking about static stretches like they taught in elementary PE lol. Proper warm up is exercises and movements that take your body and joints through different ranges of motion and prep the nervous system for the workout ahead. A few of my favs are air squats , arm wall circles, 90/90 for hips , glute activation work and plank/ push ups. A quick search of “movement prep warm up”in you tube and you’ll find a ton more.
  3. Don’t swing the weight. Sure it may be a “ workout “ but you certainly are not isolating any muscles to get the best hypertrophic ( and aesthetic) effect. Stabilize your core, relax your shoulders, breathe and focus on slow and controlled movements. Which leads to my next tip…
  4. Pay close attention to the mind- muscle connection. Really feel the muscle you’re trying to target move and if it’s not you know you prob need to adjust your form.
  5. Lastly , Don’t go at it alone! Hire a knowledgeable coach or trainer, or if you don’t have the budget or would rather just have a “ blueprint “ there are many great resources – like one of our AMAZING Bikini Boss programs that will help you along the way with efficiently designed workouts, videos and tips on form, as well as semi-customized nutrition plans.

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