Ever wonder which type of workouts or macros work best for your specific goals? Are you tired of wondering which workout to do and scrolling through Instagram to find random videos that aren’t even giving you the results you’re after?

Or maybe you’ve gone through one of our other amazing programs and are now wondering what’s next?!

Bikini Boss VIP Monthly Membership gives you ALL of the tools you need to succeed with your health and fitness regardless of your goal. Whether your goal is fat-loss, building lean muscle, increasing your strength or endurance, or you just want a structured plan to follow so you don’t have to keep guessing, our membership program has ALL of the workouts you NEED to crush your goals.

Each workout is categorized by goal, including options for workouts at home or while you travel, and contains all of the demo and instructional videos you need to get started immediately.In addition to our library of workouts, we have customized goal based macro plans, nutrition resources, and a full meditation and yoga library to assist you in recovery and make sure you’re setting your mind up for success, DAILY.

At only $27/month, the Bikini Boss VIP Monthly Membership is like having a 24/7 personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga teacher, and meditation guru all in one, right in your back pocket. Additionally, you get access to our amazing community of Bikini Boss Chicks for questions, support, and accountability through your amazing fitness journey.

Join now for a free 7 day trial, so you can experience the benefits of having an ongoing all-in-one health and wellness program, right at your fingertips!

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