Why You Should Eat Whatever You Want This Labor Day Weekend

Probably not what you’re used to hearing from a fitness trainer, right? That’s because most fitness professionals and coaches don’t have a life outside of the gym!

The expectation to be on point 100% of the time is why most people don’t have success with their health and fitness goals; because once they’ve fallen off or aren’t “ perfect” they feel like they’ve failed so they may as well just give up.


It’s not what you do on holiday weekends that matters IT’S WHAT YOU DO THE OTHER 98% OF THE TIME!

Instead of worrying what you shouldn’t be doing the few times of year you want to go out and enjoy yourself with friends and family, why don’t you refocus that energy on what you SHOULD be doing the rest of the time. Like I talk about in my book, consistency is the key to making serious changes to your health and fitness. Perfection, however, is not.


If you are consistent year round you can afford to enjoy yourself and IMO SHOULD enjoy yourself during holidays/ special occasions without any guilt or remorse. This whole idea of being perfect at all times is perpetuated by the same people who own nothing but workout clothes, eat out of Tupperware 24/7 and have zero balance in their lives. I can say this because truth be told, I was that person at one point in my life.

I am much happier and fulfilled now that I’ve learned how to have balance with my health and fitness and stay consistent rather than taking an all-or- nothing approach.

I am much more successful with my health and fitness now because I have made this a lifestyle, instead of thinking of it as  a diet. I no longer feel guilty when I have a night out or indulge at a party because I know I will be right back at it Monday.

Food is and will always be a social and cultural part of our lives. Any program or diet that doesn’t take this into account is not sustainable and not setting you up for success.

So focus on the 98%, not the 2 … and enjoy those burgers!  🙂

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